Home T-Shirt

Home T on Shark Tank

T-Shirts with Home State - Episode 628 - 3-20-2015

Home T shirts representing your Home State
Home T-Shirts coming to the
Shark Tank in Episode 628
 What do you do when you move to a different State you've always called Home? We'll if your name is Ryan Shell the owner of Home T, you make a t-shirt representing your Home State and make a million dollars in the process. The Home T-Shirts first started when Ryan moved from North Carolina to New York City and was feeling a little homesick for the State he always called home.

Proud to be from North Carolina, Shell got the idea to make a t-shirt representing his home State. It didn't take long for other people to notice and turned into a great ice-breaker for meeting new people as if they were long lost friends. Not only was it a great way to meet other North Carolinian's, they also bought a T-shirt of their own.

Now depending on what Home State you're from, the design on the t-shirt is self-explanatory and easily recognized. If you're from Colorado like I am, then you know it's the squarest State in the Nation, and I'm not so sure someone would "get it" as easily as some States.

Bee Sweet Lemonade

Bee Sweet Lemonade

Bee Sweetened Lemonade - Episode 628 - 3/20/2015

Sweetened Lemonade with Bee Honey
Bee Sweet Lemonade is on a "Mission" To Save The Bee's
 Some people get stung by a bee giving them a sour taste for the little creature's. Others however, take that unpleasant experience and turn it into Bee Sweet Lemonade. That's exactly what happened to our newest Shark Tank contestant, 10 year-old Mikaila Ulmer and owner of Bee Sweet Lemonade. When Mikaila was only four years old, She enrolled in a Children's Business Competition in the Action Children's Business Fair. She obviously had an entrepreneurial spirited mind at such an early age, but it wasn't until a second bee sting and a little help from her Great Granny Helen's old cookbook that the Bee Sweet Lemonade started to brew.

The more Mikaila learned about those little Bee's trying to get her attention while deciding on a new business venture, the more she realized they could help each other. She had an idea for a Lemonade stand that seems appropriate for her age at the time, but preferred a more sweetened taste. As the saying goes, "If life gives you a lemon then you turn it into lemonade". And if life gives you a lemon when bee's keep stinging you, why then you make the best Bee Sweet Lemonade imaginable.

Brand Yourself

Brand Yourself on Shark Tank

Online Reputation Service - Episode 628 - March 20, 2015

Online Reputation Service
Brand Yourself  Appearing on Shark Tank in Episode 628
 Most online businesses understand the importance of SEO for their websites, but what about ranking high when it comes to your reputation on social network sites? Brand Yourself is an Online Reputation Service coming to the Shark Tank this Friday night in Episode 628 that's guaranteed to make thousands of people do one thing, Google their name. What kind of online reputation do you have? And how can you improve Yourself as a Brand by ranking higher in the search engines?

Sure, there are several Online Reputation Services on the Market, some costing several thousand a year monitoring your current search results. But BrandYourself offers a Do-It-Yourself SEO service for free.

 The entrepreneur pitching the BrandYourself Online Service is Patrick Ambron, who will be appearing this Friday night on a Brand New Shark Tank Episode. Patrick has put together a full step-by-step DIY Guide to improving yourself, Your Brand online.

Aqua Vault Portable Safe

Aqua Vault on Shark Tank

Portable Locking Safe - Episode 621 - March 13, 2015

Portable Locking Safe
 When was the last time you went to the beach or a public swimming pool? Chances are you'll also have a cell phone, keys, I.D. and a little bit of money because, well, what else are you going to do with them. If you're like most people, you stash all your valuables in a shoe or towel before going into the water and hope (literally) everything will be safe while trying to have a good time. But what if that one time you come back and discover everything is gone? No keys, no money and no cell phone. All your valuables have disappeared because you felt safe enough hiding them in a towel.

Portable safe at the beach
The Aqua Vault Portable Locking Safe
That actually happened to the inventors of the Aqua Vault and the main reason this portable locking safe is coming to the Shark Tank Show. Rob Peck, Johnathon Kinas and Alvin Samtani will be appearing on the Shark Tank in Episode 621 with an invention that will make you think twice before leaving your valuables unsecured ever again.

The Aqua Vault is a Outdoor Safety Lock Box that securely locks to most beach furniture or any tubular support system. It's made with High Impact ABS thermoplastic with a combination lock you can easily program to any number of your choice.

Emazing Lights Gloves

Emazing Lights on Shark Tank

 Amazing Light Show Gloves- Episode 621 - 3/13/2015

Amazing light gloves by Brain Lin
Inventor of the Emazing Light Gloves, Brian Lin
appearing on the next Brand New Shark Tank Show
 this Friday night
  Just like Robert Herjevic often says and probably will say during this new episode of the Shark Tank, the Emazing Light Gloves are "Amazing". The Emazing Lights Business started by Brian Lin has a few different products and services; I'm not sure where to begin. Lin developed the technology for a lighted glove capable of amazing Light Shows, and at the same time, started a new form of dancing called "Gloving". He then took it a step further and started Hosting Gloving Face-Off Championships around the Country further Branding the Emazing Lights Gloves.

Rave Light Gloves
Amazing Reviews on
Emazing Lights Gloves
The inspiration to start the Emazing Lights Business came on a New Years Eve night in 2010. Brian first found the love of his life and new business partner, Christina, and then the vision to turn Gloving into an Art Form with Face-Off Competitions while simultaneously promoting the products. The initial start-up capital Lin put into Emazing Lights was a $100 Bill and a Dream of starting a new Dancing Revolution with his soon-to-be Wife.