Moe's Bows

Moe's Bows on Shark Tank

Handmade Bow Ties - Episode 522 - 4/25/2014
Moziah Bridges seen on April 25, 2014
Natural Salesman
Moziah Bridges coming to the
Shark Tank with Moe's Bows
I know the Shark Tank loves featuring Young Entrepreneurs on the Show, and for good reason. It's always inspiring and really motivating seeing our future business leaders already making a name at such an early age. Some of these aspiring entrepreneurs have come up with some really cool inventions that helped propel them to the Best Business Reality TV Show in History. While others seem like they have this natural gift that you just can't help but buy whatever they're selling. In this episode #522 will feature the next "Shark Tank Super Star" by the name of Moziah Bridges, from Memphis, Tennessee and inventor of the Moe's Bows Ties.

While doing a little research on Moe's Bows before the Show, I happened to go to You-Tube like I do for all Shark Tank Contestants. The first thing you'll notice about this now 12 year old entrepreneur, is Moziah has already received an enormous amount of air time on several major TV shows including the Today Show and several News Channels. I watched the first video and then couldn't help but continue watching more of Moziah and his Moe's Bows Ties. This dedicated entrepreneur was extremely entertaining in every single interview, and had zero problems winning the crowd over every single time. My favorite is when Moziah was on the Steve Harvey Show and sold him one of his hand-made ties.

Rugged Maniac Obstacle Course

Rugged Maniac on Shark Tank

5k Obstacle Course - Episode 522 - 4/25/2014
Rugged Maniac seen in episode 522, 4/25/2014

 Alright, who likes obstacle courses? I sure do. As a matter a fact, the harder and more challenging the obstacles, the more memorable the entire race becomes. But the Rugged Maniac Obstacle Courses seem to be taking the entire experience to a whole new level. Each course is only 3.1 miles which is no big deal for anyone in decent shape, right? While that may be true for most 5k races, the Rugged Maniac course throws in over 20 obstacles along the way that's guaranteed to give you a workout you will not forget anytime soon.

The entrepreneurs behind the Rugged Maniac Obstacle Course is Rob Dickens and Bradford Scudder, who's coming to the Shark Tank in the next episode 522 this Friday night. Each Rugged Maniac event is only one day long, with approximately 20 events already scheduled this year all over the U.S.. Along with a workout that's guaranteed to kick just about any ones butt, these events are also geared to have a rock-in good time with lots of food, and plenty of beer waiting at the finish line. Once you successfully complete these well thought out obstacles built by professional contractors, all the Maniacs still standing and dripping in mud, head on over to the main area with plenty of other activities to prove how much of a Rugged Maniac you really are.

Wine Doctor Kit

Wine Doctor Kit on Shark Tank

Intelli-Stopper Wine Cork - Episode 529 - 4-18-2014
Built-In Red Indicator
 The Shark Tank Show has already featured a handful of wine related products, all very successful to this day I might add, but this latest wine related product called the "Intelli Stopper", may send a few of them back to the drawing board looking to incorporate one missing feature the Wine Doctor Kit offers. Sure there's dozens of inventions on the market that helps keep a bottle of wine fresh once you pop the cork and expose the wine to air, but how many wine preservers let you visually know when it's time for a few more pumps?

Intellegent wine preserver
Wine Doctor "Smart" Cork
seen on the
Shark Tank Show
The Wine Doctor Kit was invented by Chase Hoyt and his Dad from Las Vegas, Nevada, who's coming to the Shark Tank after several years of perfecting what seems to be the perfect solution preserving any open bottle of wine. Unlike most other wine preserving products you're hoping they are actually working, the Intelli-Stopper Wine Doctor Kit visually lets you know when the bottle of wine is re-corked with the correct amount of pressure. Chase also had the Wine Doctor Kit independently tested by an engineering lab with impressive test results. By using this new "True Seal Technology", the Intelli-Stopper was successfully tested to hold a tight seal guaranteed for a full 7 days.

Wine Doctor Kits before Shark Tank Update

Fort Magic - Fort Building Kits

Fort Magic on the Shark Tank

Fort Building Kits - Episode 529 - 4/18/2014

Fort Building Kit
 I can still remember some of the forts my Brothers and I made as if it yesterday. Every Saturday morning we would wake up early and get ready for our favorite cartoons. We didn't just sit around and watch, but would build different props in the form of forts, cars, planes and anything else our creative minds could build. By the time my Mom woke up, the entire living room was completely transformed with blankets spread all over the couches and chairs weaving in-and-out of our home-made fort. I always wondered why she seemed a little upset, but thinking about it now, I'm surprised we got away with moving around as much furniture as we did making our own magic forts.
Fort Building Kit episode 529
Fort Magic Fort Building Kit
comes complete with 380 pieces
and thousands of designs

Without a doubt, if Erika Pope, the inventor of the Fort Magic Building Kits, would have already invented this ultimate fort building kit back then, my Mom would of considered this newest Shark Tank product a bargain. Each Fort Magic Kit includes 380 pieces capable of making Big Forts, Small Forts, Tunnels, Planes, Cars, Ships and even a Playhouse. The possibilities for building any number of forts is only limited to the imagination that's included in this single Fort Magic Building Kit.

It looks like the Fort Magic Building Kits is only available at Amazon for 199.00 with Free 2 Day Shipping for Prime Members. The reviews for Fort Magic are really unbelievable and something I have never seen for any product, much less a Shark Tank product.

iLumi Smart Light Bulb

iLumi on Shark Tank

Smart Light Bulb - Episode 529 - 4/18/2014
Smartest Light Bulb invented seen in episode 529, 4-18-2014
iLumi LED Smart Bulbs with over a million colors
  How smart can you really make a light bulb? Obviously motion sensors and touch lamps have been around for a long time giving the illusion the light was actually smart. The one thing I have never seen any light bulb have the ability to do, is to turn itself into over a million color combinations controlled by a smart phone app. No doubt millions of people will never look at lights quite the same after the iLumi Smart Light Bulb is featured in this episode 529 of the Shark Tank Show.

The inventors of the iLumi light bulb are Corey Egan and Swapnil Bora, who invented perhaps the smarted light bulb on the planet while attending the University of Texas. These Bluetooth enabled LED bulbs can be controlled with an App on either iPhone or Android devises. If having the ability to choose over a million color combinations isn't enough to peek your interest, then maybe the 20 year life span of the LED bulb will.

Obviously having the ability to change an entire rooms atmosphere using an LED bulb with a 20 year life span is impressive, but how much electricity is required? The iLumi uses what's called the HyperLux LED technology into the Apps programing, resulting in one the most energy efficient light bulbs on the market. When you combine all these features (there's actually a lot more) this very smart energy efficient bulb is capable of, it's not surprising the iLumi continues to win Awards in every Business Competition it enters.

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