Define Bottle - Beyond the Shark Tank Update

Define Water Bottle Beyond The Tank Update

Carter Kostler's Update from Season 5, Episode 516

Definr Bottle owner Carter Kostler
Define Water Bottle owner Carter Kostler
pitching on the Shark Tank only 15 years old
 When Carter Kostler first appeared on the Shark Tank with the Define Water Bottle, it was instantly clear this young entrepreneur did his homework and was ready to take on the Sharks like a seasoned pro. Kostler had all the Sharks along with millions of Shark Tank Fans memorized while flawlessly demonstrating how easy it is making fruit-infused drinks using the Define Water Bottle. If you close your eyes while listening to his sales pitch, you'd never guess the young entrepreneur was only 15 years old. This is, without a doubt, one of the most impressive sales pitches ever seen on the Show.

Carter was seeking a $100,000.00 investment from the Sharks for a 20% equity stake in the Define Bottle. With an initial valuation of $500,000.00, Kostler tells the Sharks He's done $65k in sales within the first four months selling his design of the fruit infused water bottle. Some of the sales from this young entrepreneur came from cold calling on a produce manager at Whole Foods that earned him a spot at the Farmers Market. Define Water Bottles sold over a $1000.00 worth of product within the first three hours.

Mix Bikini Update

Mix Bikini Beyond The Tank

"Mix Bikini" now "Versakini" Interchangeable Swimsuit Update

Interchangable Swimsuit seen in Season 3
Versakini Interchangable Swimsuits
seen on "Beyond The Tank" Update
 When the Mix Bikini first appeared on the Shark Tank with Frank Scozzafava and Adam DiSilvestro in Season 3, there was another important partner behind the scene by the name of Kelsey Duffy who didn't appear on the Show. Most viewers assumed the new interchangeable bikini was being designed and marketed only by Frank and Adam, including myself. Would it have mattered if Kelsey were also present during Shark Tank's sales pitch? Maybe, maybe not, but Scozzafava did an excellent job selling the Sharks on the concept and walked away with a $50,000.00 deal with Barbara Corcoran for a 25% equity stake in the company. Now that Mix Bikini has re-branded the name to "Versakini" as we learned during the Beyond The Tank Update, Kelsey Duffy, is on Her way to becoming one the most Successful Entrepreneur from the Shark Tank that never appeared on the Show.

Versakini Update (formerly Mix Bikini) after airing on the Shark Tank Show

Ashton Kutcher on Shark Tank

Ashton Kutcher on Shark Tank Season 7

Guest Shark Tank Investor/ A List Actor
Guest Shark for Season 7
Ashton Kutcher appears as Guest Shark in Season 7

 What's the one thing all Shark Tank Investors (including Guest Sharks) have in common? They all have a lot of money, right? O.K., let me rephrase the question. What's the other thing all Shark Investors have in common besides being multi-millionaires and billionaires? While almost all the Sharks have a rags-to-riches story, (Steve Tisch being the exception) they have all been involved in start-up businesses that became wildly successful. Yes, this also includes the newest Guest Shark, Ashton Kutcher, who'll be appearing in Season 7.

While Ashton Kutcher's best known for his role in "That 70's Show" and more recently on "Two and a Half Men", He's been quietly amassing a fortune investing in some of the hottest tech start-ups in recent memory. Kutcher's early investments include equity stakes in, AirBnB, Foursquare and Skype just to name a few. Ashton might play the role of a billionaire making his money from a Tech Start-Up, but in real life he's well on his way to making this a reality. Especially when he become's an Official Shark Tank Investor. Did you know Ashton also co-founded a Venture Capital Firm by the name of

Best Selling Shark Tank Product Update

Shark Tank's Best Selling Product "Scrub Daddy"

Scrub Daddy Most Successful Product on Shark Tank

 Without a doubt out of All the Shark Tank Products our Family's purchased, we've bought more Scrub Daddy sponge's than all the rest combined. They just work far superior to anything else on the market and worth the additional expense. Aaron Krause, the inventor of Scrub Daddy, did an excellent job demonstrating his smiley-face cleaning sponge on the Shark Tank that His site exploded with over 40,000 visitors immediately after the Episode aired.

As impressive as those numbers may sound, this was only the beginning of quickly becoming Shark Tank's Most Popular and Best Selling Product. When considering a product like this that needs demonstrating to fully understand all the benefits, Krause landed the perfect Shark Tank Investor Lori Greiner to invest in the Scrub Daddy. Lori knowing She had a major "Hero" on Her hands, wasted little time getting Krause on Her QVC Show demonstrating this remarkable product that changes consistency depending on the water temperature. .

As successful as Scrub Daddy has been since first appearing on the Shark Tank, surprising, neither Lori Greiner or Aaron Krause is taking full advantage selling more product given the products loyal returning customers. Hey, +Lori Greiner and +Scrub Daddy you still out there?

Mark Cuban on Sharknado 3

President Mark Cuban on Sharknado 3

 Billionaire Shark Tank Investor Mark Cuban runs for President of the United States and Wins! Yes, it's true folks, Mark Cuban will soon become the President of the United States. At least during his cameo appearance on the next Sharknado 3 that is. When you think about it, it only makes sense hiring the most popular Shark that can stop man-eating sharks from taking over the world. And with a phrase made famous from the original Shark Tank Show, Mark simply say's, "Oh Hell No" when He takes on the challenge of man-eating sharks during Sharknado 3.

There's no question Syfy turned the first two Sharknado Movies into a tremendous success even though you "really" need to use your imagination. But getting the most popular billionaire Shark that's always "all business" to play the role of the President of the United States, now that's simply genius whoever came up with that idea.

How much does it cost hiring Mark Cuban as an actor in a not so serious movie about man-eating sharks? If the past is any indication, it's more like what percentage of the Sharknado Brand does Cuban now control IMO. Whatever the case may be, the entire Syfy Sharknado Brand will have a much higher valuation now that a popular Shark on the Shark Tank is part of the Show.

Sharknado 3 debuts July 22, 2015

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