Biaggi Folding Luggage

Biaggi Luggage on the Shark Tank

Folding Suitcase - Episode 613 - December 5, 2014

Collapsible traveling luggage seen on the Shark Tank Season 6
 I think everyone's heard famous U2 singer Bono lost his luggage when a door came open on his Lear Jet a few weeks ago. What most people probably don't know, is the foldable luggage Bono was using also happens to be the Biaggi Folding Luggage coming to the Shark Tank in Episode 613. Now what's the odds of that?

O.K. maybe the Colbert Report may have exaggerated the story a bit, but out of all the Luggage Brands on the market, Colbert chose a Biaggi bag. It seems like Stephen Hersh, the inventor of the Foldable Biaggi Luggage, has been getting lots of national attention lately for his line of products. The Biaggi Luggage was also featured on the Today Show last month, and now will appear on the Shark Tank Show next Friday night on December 5, 2014.

Episode 612 - Shark Tank Guest GoPro Inventor Nick Woodman

Shark Tank Episode 612

  Guest Shark Nick Woodman - November 21, 2014

Latest Edition of the GoPro Action Videos
GoPro HERO 4 Black Edition
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 Tonight's Shark Tank Episode 612 features the newest Billionaire Guest Shark, Nick Woodman, inventor of the GoPro Cameras. Nick has increased his Net-Worth from a failed dotcom business to over $4 billion within the past ten years. He's now taking some of his new found wealth and investing in the #1 Venture Capital Opportunity in the world, The Shark Tank Show.

Considering the GroPro Founder lives a very active lifestyle, it might be a clue what product(s) Woodman will invest in tonight's episode as the newest Guest Shark for Season 6.

The Earthlog Fireplace logs is taking trash filling up landfills and making the best-scented firewood you've ever smelled. The amount of recycled paper material Earth Logs is already consuming is simply mind boggling.

Off The Cob Tortilla Chips uses only the finest grade sweet corn known to man. While other tortilla chips use grain corn in the recipe, Off The Cob Chips uses hand-picked sweet corn you can eat off the cob.

Groovebook Success Story

Groove Book Makes Shark Tank History

GrooveBook Photo App Sold To Shutterfly

As the old business saying goes, "If you can't beat them, then acquire them." Groovebook Photo App has just become one of the Most Successful Products Ever Seen on the Shark Tank Show and the first ever to be acquired by a publicly traded company.

Shutterfly trades on NASDAQ, and one of the Biggest Internet Photo Publishing Services on the Internet with over 60 million registered users. After seeing GrooveBook quickly climb to over 1 million App downloads and over 200 million photos downloaded since appearing on the Shark Tank, Shutterfly just paid $14.5 Million for the entire business.

The Groove Book the only successful business to appear on the Shark Tank Show acquired in this manner, and a picture perfect fit to add to Shutterfly's recent acquisitions. The details of the deal was not disclosed other than the final $14.5 million price tag.

Magic Cook

Magic Cook on Shark Tank

Magic Cook Lunch Box and Thermos - Episode 612 - 11-21-2014

Magic Cook Lunchbox and Hot Thermos using water activated heat packets
Magic Cook Cooking Set
Complete Kit
 The Magic Cook Heated Lunch Box and Thermos are the latest outdoors product to enter the Shark Tank this Friday night in Episode 612. The Magic Cook magically cooks food using no electricity, wood or gas, but a water activated heat source instead. That's right; all you need is a little water and a heat pack to cook-up a hot meal or a cup of coffee in no time.

The entrepreneurs behind The Magic Cook is Sharon Yu and David Su. Sharon will be representing this clever product by herself inside the Shark Tank and demonstrating how you can now safely cook almost anything inside a Magic Cook lunch box or  heated thermos.

Magic Cook Heating Cup
The Magic Cook
Heated Thermos Cup
The fact Magic Cook requires no flames, electricity or gas to cook up a meal is a major benefit hard to ignore. The obvious market for this new Shark Tank Product would be survival kits, emergency packs, backpacking, camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, skiing, rock climbing, power outages, ah yes, and the list goes on. Did I mention a hot lunch in a lunchbox or a quick warm-up for that cold (or unmade) coffee?

Kitchen Safe - Self Locking Container

The Kitchen Safe on Shark Tank

Self Locking Container - Episode 612 - November 21, 2014

Self-Locking Safe for the Kitchen
The Kitchen Safe
Self-Locking Container
 Most people buy a locking safe to keep valuables in and other people out. The Kitchen Safe is designed to hold other things you value, but to also keep you out. Why would anyone buy a safe, so they purposely don't have immediate access to the things they treasure? In a single word, its called "will-power" that will make you stick to a commitment once the Kitchen Safe has been securely locked.

The two inventors of The Kitchen Safe is Nick Tseng and David Krippendorf, who will be appearing on the Shark Tank in Episode 612 this Friday night. This little Kitchen Safe guarantees once the locks activated from one minute up to ten days, you're not getting access to the contents no matter how bad you want it opened. If you're trying to quit smoking for instance, you simply place your smokes in the Kitchen Safe and set the timer depending on how much will-power you have in between puffs. 
Self-Locking Kitchen Safe
The Kitchen Safe
Self-Locking Container

The Kitchen Safe is 6.25" Width x 6.25" Length x 7.5" Height and made with BPA-free food-grade plastics. You can lock away just about anything you can imagine including snacks, cookies, the remote control, cell phones, toys and yes, even money and credit cards.