Nick Woodman - Newest Shark Tank Investor

Nick Woodman on Shark Tank

Go Pro Founder/ Billionaire - Season 6 Guest Shark

GoPro Inventor Nick Woodman new Shark Tank Investor
GoPro Inventor Nick Woodman
Newest Shark Tank Investor
 So how do you go from Shark bait after losing over $4 million of investors money, to one of the richest Sharks ever to appear on the Shark Tank Show within ten years? If your name is Nick Woodman, the inventor of the GoPro camera, and the newest billionaire Guest Shark to appear on the Show, you take a vacation and go surfing for new inspiration.

If the producers only pick one new Guest Shark for Season 6, they certainly picked a very grateful self-made entrepreneur with an amazing Success Story. Woodman, only 39 years old, currently has a net worth of $4 billion since the Go-Pro Stock went public earlier this year. When all the smart phone manufactures were cramming everything into a single devise, these small practically indestructible video camera's seemed to beat all the odds, and quickly has grown into a multi-billion dollar phenomenon.

If I had to describe Nick Woodman in a single word after watching several of his videos, it would simply be "Grateful". Going from a failed online business losing millions to a personal networth around $4 billion within 10 years time, Nick has many reasons to be very grateful living a dream even he couldn't have imagined not long ago.

TITIN Tech Weighted Shirts

TITIN Tech on Shark Tank

Weight Compression Gear- Episode 609 - October 31,2014

Weight compression gear on Episode 609
The Ultimate Workout Gear
Rated 4.5 out of 5 Star Reviews
 One of the more interesting things learning about new inventions making it on the Shark Tank is where the idea and motivation first originated. Patrick Whaley, the inventor of the Titin Tech Weighted Clothing Line will be appearing on Shark Tank in the next episode 609 with a "real" success story that you won't soon forget. The idea for a weighted down shirt was first conceived by Patrick back in High School, but the motivation to turn this into a thriving new business might have helped save his life.

Whaley's page on the Titan Techs Founders website reads " Amateur Body Builder, Mechanical Engineer and Gun Shot Victim." All three combined is what's inspired the Titan Tech Weight Shirts to become a reality, and now join the ranks of the latest, greatest and coolest new Shark Tank products.

While studying at Georgia Tech back in 2009, Patrick was shot at point blank range during an armed robbery. After several months in the hospital, Patrick started using one of his "patented" Titan Tech proto-type shirts to help speed up the muscle building recovery process. The idea of wearing weighted fitness products for body building and endurance purposes could also help other folks in ways Whaley never imagined before.

After several notable awards and secured patents in place, the Titan Tech Weighted Compression Gear started a crowd funding campaign on raising the first $1 million to get this product kick started in the right direction.

Beard Brand

BeardBrand on Shark Tank

Beard Oils and Mustache Waxes- Episode 609 - October 31, 2014

If there's one thing I really like seeing, its new Shark Tank Contestants starting to get excited before their brand new episode airs. Eric Bandholtz, the inventor of the BeardBrand Brand, and originator of the Beard Brand Urban Lifestyle is so excited about the Show, its hard for him to put it into words.

Beard and Mustache products
BeardBrand Oils and Mustache Waxes
Bandholtz just released a brand new video on his popular You-Tube Channel telling everyone to watch his appearance on Shark Tank this Friday night in episode 609 on ABC. This episode also happens to be Halloween night, so if you're going trick-or-treating remember to set your DVR.

Taking an idea for a new product-line and turning it into a Lifestyle Brand is no easy task, but Bandholtz seems to have found a very successful formula doing exactly that.

SingTrix Karaoke Machine

Sing Trix on the Shark Tank

Most Advanced Karaoke Machine - Episode 609 - 10-/31/2014

Singing Machine on episode 609, October 31,2014
The SingTrix Advanced Karaoke Machine
seen on the Shark Tank in Episode 609 
 O.K. lets be honest, how many times have you been to an event hosting Karaoke Music, and got up and sang your favorite songs? The answer to that question is very easy for me, I have never even thought about singing karaoke in public. It didn't matter how much liquid courage I had, and it was not going to happen, period. But maybe, just maybe if they had a SingTrix Karaoke Machine that transforms my singing abilities to sound like a pro, karaoke singing might be kind of fun after all.

The entrepreneurs who invented the Sing Trix Karaoke Machine is John Devecka, and Eric Berkowitz will also be appearing on the Shark Tank this Friday night in Episode 609. The two partners have started several successful businesses that read more like an established Sharks success, compared to a lot of contestants seen on the Show.
Sing like a professional with the Sing Trix Machine
The SingTrix Karaoke Machine
receives 4.5 out of 5 Star Reviews
The biggest technological achievement most people will instantly recognize is the "Guitar Hero Brand" both Devecka and Berkowitz helped developed, and later sold to Activision. I'm very familiar with all the Guitar Hero products as my kids eventually talked me out of buying the entire band set with multiple guitars. This investment was without question a great way for them learning how to play musical instrument's before picking up a real guitar.

Myself Belts

Myself Belts on Shark Tank

Belts For Kids - Episode 609 - 10-31-2014

Belts for small children seen Halloween night on Shark Tank
Myself Belts coming to the Shark Tank
on Halloween night 10-31-2014
 These Myself Belts is a product a lot of little Shark Tank Fans are really going to love. In hindsight, making a belt specifically for little kids that doesn't require a grownup's help, seems like a product large belt manufacturers would have invented a long time ago. But no, the best they could come up with was making a smaller version of the larger belts, and pretending little kids could figure it out before its too late.

Fortunately, two sisters, Talia Goldfarb and Danielle Bahr, invented and patented the Myself Belts for Kids that can easily be buckled and unbuckled with one hand. The two sisters will be demonstrating this simple one-handed belt design on the Shark Tank Show this Friday night in episode 609, 10-31-2014.

The Myself Belt simply snaps one end of the belt around the first belt loop and comfortably fits-to-size with Velcro instead of the traditional belt buckle. If you still want the belt buckle look you can easily add one onto the Myself Belt, but its strictly for looks with no functional purpose. The Velcro Belt Buckle can easily be taken off with one hand making it much easier to take care of business all by themselves.

Dozens of Myself Belts Styles to Choose From
Perhaps the biggest benefit using a Myself Belt is empowering your kids self-esteem knowing they can do it themselves and not have to worry about any accidents. Talia Goldfarb talks about how the Myself Belts was first invented for her little toddler while potty training in this video. This video also has a very good message for all parents to keep in mind when dealing with their kids self-esteem. Always Keep It Positive!

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