Soap Sox Animal Sponge

Soap Sox on the Shark Tank

Stuffed Animal Soap Dispenser - Episode 603 - October 3, 2014

Tank the Shark on episode 603
"Tank" the "Shark"
helped Soap Sox Sponges get on the
Shark Tank Show!
 One of the most popular toys every kid loves is a stuffed animal. Kid's love to play with their little stuffed friends everywhere they go. That is until its time to take a bath, which is not recommended for 99% of all stuffed animals unless they are safely inside a "Teddy Needs a Bath" Washing Bag.

The 1% of stuffed animals kids can play with while taking a bath are homemade sock puppets, and the SoapSox Animal Bath Sponge . The Soap Socks Stuffed Animal's inventors Ray Phillips & Alvin Uy, will be appearing on Shark Tank Episode 603 this Friday night after a very successful Kickstarter campaign.

Anyone that's ever given a youngster a bath, knows first hand the last thing they want to do is scrub down with a bar of soap. Sure the old sock puppet trick using an old sock and a bar of soap will work with a little creativity, but in the end, its still just a sock.

Just a little over a year ago, Phillips and Uy took the sock puppet idea with finger pockets, and a soap pocket, around brand new cartoon character's, and started a campaign on Kickstarter with a $45,000.00 goal. The Soap Sox campaign successfully ended September 21, 2013, raising $52,000.00 from over 620 backers.

 The really interesting part about the Soap Socks Success is both Ray and Alvin already envisioned getting on the Shark Tank Show from the very beginning.

Heart Pup Sling

Heart Pup on Shark Tank

Sling/ Scarf Dog Carrier - Episode 603 - 10/3/2014

Puppy carrier sling episode 603
Heart Pup Sling
available in several styles
 The Heart Pup small dog carrier could only have been invented by someone that first loves little puppy dogs, and also has quite the eye for new fashion trends. I mean come on now, who else would have ever thought of combining a quality made scarf, with a little puppy carrier to carry your little friend? Now "that's" a Fashion Statement!

The entrepreneur who invented and patented the very first scarf/ puppy sling, is Anastasia Heart, owner of the Heart Pup Sling, and the newest contestant to appear the Shark Tank in episode 603.

To get an idea how to correctly wear the Heart Pup, Heart put out this video demonstrating not only how comfortable it is to put on and wear, this also demonstrates zero complaint's from the little puppy dog going along for the ride.

The Heart Pup Slings are already available on Amazon with several styles to choose from. Anastasia also has a store front on the popular artist site Etsy with a perfect 5 Star Rating from 64 satisfied customers. The cost for a stylish Heart Pup ranges from $88.00 on up, with an average cost around $140.00 each. Heart also designed a leather collar with gold studded spike's to round off your fashion statement you can only achieve while wearing a Heart Pup Sling.

Ninja Throwing Cards

Ninja Cards on Shark Tank

Card Throwing Game - Episode 603 - 10/3/2014

Ninja Cards seen in Episode 603, 10/3/2014
Ninja Card Throwing Game
 coming to the Shark Tank in Episode 603
 So what do you do sitting in a hotel room passing the time having a few beers? If you're entrepreneurs by the name's of Ken Haton and Dustin Berk, the inventors of the card throwing game "Ninja Cards", you create a new competitive game with the limited resources on hand.
With a few empty bottle's and the hotel room key cards laying on the table, Haton and Berk soon competed like real Ninjas showing off their card throwing skills. Neither could have ever imagined this new Ninja Card Throwing Game would completely change their lives, especially after Shark Tank Episode 603 airs this Friday night, October 3, 2014 on ABC.

The Ninja Card Throwing Game has evolved a lot since that memorable day inside that hotel room. The actual plastic card's are still the same size as a regular credit card or hotel key card, but also resemble popular trading game cards like Pokémon cards with limited editions. Some of the Ninja Cards are also Prize Cards you can win additional prizes, but the website looks a little vague exactly what you actually win.

To get fully decked out with a set of 15 Ninja Cards, a 24" x 24" target, and complete instructions how to play is only $30.00 currently on the website.

Shark Tank Gag Reel

Shark Tank Season 6 Gag Reel Bloopers

Funniest Shark Tank Video - "EVER"
 Going on the Shark Tank is serious business and no screwing around, especially between these Angel Investors with a combined net worth in the billions of dollars. The Sharks are there to make money and have no time playing games, right? They are constantly competing with each other with millions of dollars at stake, and as you can see in most any episode from the Shark Tank, they really don't like one another much when competing with their own money.

Shark Tank Season 6 also marks the reality shows 100th episode, so its easy to understand they may have a little animosity towards the other Sharks by now. There's no time for playing game's, the Shark Tank is 100% Business, 100% of the time.

So what's it "really like" inside the Shark Tank before the producer's edit down to what we watch on TV? Thanks to Kevin O'Leary for getting his hands on this Gag Reel and posting it to his You Tube page, we can all have a better understanding what really goes on behind the scenes.

Barbara, Barbara, Barbara, I never knew you had a thing for Mark Cuban. LOL, yes I do not think I will ever get that image out of my head either. If I didn't know any better, I'd swear the Sharks may have been celebrating a little more than normal during Shark Tank's 100th episode, and maybe a few other episode's as well. It's good to know after 6 full years, the Sharks are still having a great time, and really have become good friends on this very competitive show.

Episode 602 Guide

Shark Tank Episode 602

Season 6 (Second Half) 2 Hour Premiere Guide

The second half of Shark Tank Season 6 Premiere Special 602 is the first episode Barbara Corcoran and Lori Greiner will again appear on the same show. For the most part, the two Lady Sharks seemed to get a long during Season 5, but something tells me this will not be the case in Season 6. Obviously, since the producer's haven't taken up my idea yet for a 6th chair every once and a while :-), another Shark must sit out when our two Lady Sharks get together, but why does it seem like its always Daymond John? It might be by choice because along with his Shark Tank Investments going back to the very first episode, Daymond is still very active doing what he does best, building multi-billion dollar clothing brands.

Shark Tank Episode 602 will have Kevin O'Leary and Barbara Corcoran getting closer than the kiss they shared during the KissTixx Kissing Balm episode. It's hard to believe, but yes folks, it looks like Kevin and Barbara might be getting married on the Shark Tank Show tonight. I wonder if this wedding company on wheels also offers next day annulments? Have you ever seen the "floating coffee cup" magic trick yet? This invention makes coasters a thing of the past. Episode 602 will have all you golfer's running to your golf bag and pulling out your putter's to see if it can pass this simple test. Now what about a technically advanced doll house kit that will inspire little girls career's in the future? I still think they need to invent a similar product for boy's, but maybe ditch the doll house part.

Episode 602 Episode Guide

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