Shark Tank Week 2015

Shark Tank Week Begins September 7, 2015

Shark Investors Favorite Products from Last Season

 With Shark Tank Season 7 premiering September 25th, ABC is again bringing back "Shark Tank Week" featuring the Sharks favorite products they invested in during Season 6 Episodes. There's a total of six episodes during Shark Tank Week, one dedicated to each Shark Tank Investor (Not including Guest Sharks). Getting your business picked as one of the Best Investments by the Sharks during last Season is indeed becoming a Great Honor, not to mention the added publicity being featured during Shark Tank Week 2015.

Shark Tank Week Episode Guide

Monday, Sept. 7, 2015 - Episode 605

Mark Cuban starts off "Shark Tank Week" choosing the owners of "Red Dress Boutique" Josh and Diana Harbour seen in Episode 605. The Red Dress Boutique was also seen in the first season of Beyond The Tank showing Cuban not very happy about re-designing the entire website. During Beyond The Tank, the Harbour's appreciated Marks advice, but still decided to invest $400,000.00 building a brand new website from scratch. Fortunately, the final decision was to take Mark Cuban's advice that wasn't aired on Beyond The Tank, but described in detail on the Red Dress Boutique Blog. The other products seen on Shark Tank Episode 605 include the Caddy Girls, Jungle Jumparoo and Sun Stanches.

Tuesday, September 8th - Episode 614

Tuesday night is Barbara Corcoran's Shark Tank night featuring the Holiday Episode 614.

Doorbot Buys Ring - Update

Doorbot Shark Tank Success Update

Doorbot buys with new partner Richard Branson

 When Jamie Siminoff first appeared on the Shark Tank in Season 5, the smart doorbell known as the Doorbot was launched only nine months before meeting the Sharks. The two-way audio and one-way video doorbell already had over $1 million in sales with $250,000.00 just within the past month. It seems everyone loved the idea answering the front door from anywhere on your smartphone: we'll everyone except for the Sharks.

The Sharks appeared to like the Doorbot now re-branded as Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell, but surprisingly, none of the investors was willing to make Siminoff a decent offer even with these impressive early online sales. Perhaps it was because Jamie was asking for a $700,000.00 investment in exchange for a 10% stake in the brand new business? The $7 million valuation may have seemed inflated for a brand new product at the time, but in less than two years the Doorbot's valuation is now closer to $70 million making it one of the biggest Shark Tank Success Stories in the History of the Show.

Shark Tank Season 7

Shark Tank Season 7 Episode Guide

List of Shark Tank Products from Season 7

New Shark Tank Sharks Ashton Kutcher, Troy Carter and Chris Sacca
Shark Tank Season 7 new Guest Sharks
Chris Sacca, Ashton Kutcher and Troy Carter
 As you might expect, Shark Tank Season 7 premiering September 25, 2015, is already lining up to be the Best Season Ever. I might have said the same thing last year about the same time, and maybe even the Season before that. But you know what? I'm Always Right because the Shark Tank is by far the Best Business Reality Show in the History of All Reality TV Shows. Over 125 Entrepreneurs are scheduled to appear in Shark Tank Season 7, with what appears to be a strong emphasis on Internet Tech related products.

All three of the Guest Sharks scheduled for Season 7 including Ashton Kutcher, Chris Sacca and Troy Carter all have one primary thing in common.

Chris Sacca on Shark Tank

Chris Sacca Guest Shark Tank Investor on Season 7

Owner of Lowercase Venture Capital Firm

Chris Sacca seen on Shark Tank Season 7
Chris Sacca newest Shark Tank Investor in Season 7

 Who is Chris Sacca, and how the heck did he become a Guest Shark in Season 7? As far as who Chris is, we'll, He's a very successful Venture Capitalist always wearing stylish Western Cowboy shirts. Sacca's joining the small elite club of Shark Tank Guest Sharks with a resume that's as impressive as any Investor ever seen on the Show. In fact, Chris Sacca's only the 5th Billionaire so far seen on the Shark Tank including ALL Angel Investors seen on the Show. Without a doubt, everyone knows the Internet Start-Up Companies He's personally invested in, and more importantly, worked with, to make Chris Sacca the perfect choice for a Shark Tank Investor in Season 7.

For starters, Chris worked for Google in a senior management position with mergers and acquisitions and was a Founding Team Member of the New Business Development Organization. At one time, Sacca carried six different Google business cards with as many roles while helping build the soon-to-be Internet Giant we know today.

Sacca eventually started Lowercase Venture Fund with Matt Mazzeo, investing in new Internet Technology Start-ups including Twitter, Uber, Kickstarter and Instagram to name just a few. In the process, Chris made himself a Billionaire before the age of 40 years old.

Troy Carter on Shark Tank

Troy Carter Guest Shark on Shark Tank Season 7

Talent Manager/ Angel Investor Troy Carter

Troy Carter on Shark Tank Season 7
Troy Carter Shark Tank Guest Investor in Season 7
 What does Lady Gaga, Will Smith and the Shark Tank Show all have in common? His name is Troy Carter, and soon to become an elite Shark Tank Guest Investor on Season 7 premiering September 25, 2015. I'd imagine a few  Shark Tank Fans might not know who Troy Carter is just yet. But one thing is for sure, everyone's heard of the A-List Celebrities, Musicians and start-up tech companies Carter's personally worked with during his successful career.

At the age of 17, Troy Carter dropped out of West Philadelphia High School to start a new rap group called "2 Too Many" that eventually was signed by Will Smith's Label "WilJam Records". Does anyone remember Will Smith's famous rap song for his Hit TV Show called "The Fresh Prince of Belair"? In a lot of ways, that song is about Troy Carter's real life growing up. Carter also worked with Sean Combs early in his career with Bad Boy Records helping solidify his successful reputation within the music industry.

By 2006, Troy Carter was in serious financial trouble according to his Wiki page.