Sleepy Baby Inc - Zipadee Zip

Zipadee Zip Baby Blankets on Shark Tank

Zippy Swaddle Blankets - Episode 601 - 9/26/2014

Wearable baby blankets seen in episode 602  The story how Brett and Stephanie Parker started the Sleepy Baby Zipadee Zip Swaddle Blankets coming to the Shark Tank in episode 601 was built on pure faith. The need and desire to start a new home based business so Stephanie could continue staying at home raising their baby girl, was much more powerful than retuning to her job after maternity leave was over. The Parker's only had one small little problem, they had no idea what kind of business to start, but they did have an unlimited amount of faith and a very strong positive belief the answer was on its way.

As always, when you focus your attention backed by 100% positive faith, the Law of Attraction will "always" deliver. The toughest part about applying this natural law we all have available to us, is getting out of its way once you define your burning desire, simply knowing the "perfect answer" is already on its way. Stephanie had a strong burning desire to start a new home-based business so she could stay home with their baby girl, and in the process, invented the Zipa Dee Zip Swaddle Blankets that was a match made in Heaven. You can read the entire inspirational Zipadee Zip story here.

If picture's are still worth a thousand words, then you could fill an entire encyclopedia with this video demonstration of the Zipadee Zip Blankets in action.

Kronos Golf Putters

Kronos Golf on Shark Tank

Precision Golf Putters - Episode 602 - 9/26/2014

precision made putter, episode 602, 9/26/2014
Kronos Golf Putters on Shark Tank
Perfectly balanced with the center of gravity
(can your putter do that?)
 Alright golfers, I have a little test for the putter you currently use. Simply take the putter out of your golf bag and see if the putter head is one solid piece, or two? Now take your putter and balance the head on the ground, taking special notice of the natural center of gravity. If the golf putter is not one solid piece milled from a CNC Machine, (Computer Numeric Control Machine) and milled to 1000th of an inch so the putter can stand perfectly balanced on its own, then you might be interested in a Kronos Golf Putter that could help improve your score.

Actually the entrepreneurs behind Kronos Golf Clubs, Eric Williams and Phillip Lapuz, and featured in Shark Tank Episode 601, seem a little defensive when it comes to the claims their putters will make you a better golfer. The fact is, as with anything worth learning, it all has to do with the amount of time devoted to mastering whatever it is you're working on. But when you make a quality club that's perfectly balanced with the center of gravity, it only makes sense this putter can and will improve your score.

All the Kronos Putter's are precision machine cut from a single block of soft carbon steel. This is one of the easiest and lightest metals to machine cut for this purpose, but do to the high carbon content, can easily rust. To solve this problem, Kronos gives every putter head a Physical Vapor Deposition Coating which practically guarantee's soft carbon steel will never rust even under the most extreme conditions.

Bombas Athletic Socks

Bombas Socks on the Shark Tank

Quality Athletic Socks - Episode 601 - 9/26/2014

Redesigned Socks Seaon 6, episode 601
 With so many technological advancements made in just about everything we wear, what about socks? The way socks are made and shaped by just about all sock makers in the market is basically the same, right? I mean come on now, what could you possibly do to improve on the over-all socks design that basically hasn't changed since the very first pair?

The custom sock maker's Grace n Lace was a huge success on last seasons Shark Tank, but this season in episode 601 featuring the Bombas Socks, completely reinvented athletic socks as we know them today.

The entrepreneurs who have obviously spent a great deal of time redesigning athletic socks with improvement's most have never thought about, and founders of the Bombas Athletic Socks, is David Heath and Randy Goldberg. They have a very interesting story how they got in the sock industry in the first place, which has now led to an appearance on the Shark Tank Show in season 6 premier opener.

The entire Bombas Sock Brand wasn't first conceived as a way to start a new business making money, but a way to help give away the most requested item at homeless shelters, socks. The seed (idea) that grew into the passion to completely redesign athletic socks, came from a quote by Major George Hood, Chief Officer for the Salvation Army. His words that forever changed both Heath and Goldberg's lives, simply said "Through our work in those in need, we know that sock's are oftentimes the most requested clothing item in homeless shelters".

Hammer n Nails Salon

Hammer and Nails Salon on Shark Tank

Nail Salon for Men - Episode 601 - September 26, 2014

Nail Salon for Guys 9/26/2013
 There's no question Nail and Pedicure Salon's is a multi-billion dollar industry. They even have one inside the local Wal-Mart, so I know this service must be popular as we'll as profitable. But to tell you the truth, as many times that I've walked passed that nail salon, it has never, ever, crossed my mind to even step inside. Now don't get me wrong, by the looks of my nails and callused hands, I probably could use a good manicure, pedicure and any other kind of cure offered, but I'm not going in there. LOL... The Hammer n Nails Salon however, just might be a different story.

Considering the Nail Salon Business is a huge multi-billion dollar industry catering mostly to females, yes I would imagine I'm not the only guy that might feel a little uncomfortable getting my hands and feet worked on in that type of environment. The Hammer n Nails Salon for Men owner Michael Elliot, an Award Winning Screen Writer, is coming to the Shark Tank in the first episode of season 6 with a very interesting new business plan.

By combining a nail salon just for men inside a man-cave like environment that serves refreshments, and an all female staff working on your hands and feet, what else could you possibly ask for? The Hammer n Nail Salon concept breaking into this lucrative untapped market has been nothing short of miraculous since it first opened it's doors at 6257 Melrose Ave, in the heart of Hollywood, California.

Amber Cell Phone Charger

The Amber Cell Phone Charger on Shark Tank

Cell Phone Charging Stations - Episode 601 - 9/26/2014
Cell Phone Charger, Episode 601, 9/26/2014
Amber Cellphone Charger quietly making
"more money" in the background
  Considering just about everyone carries a cell phone these day's, what's the odds of creating a new successful business selling charging stations to other businesses? Not as a stand alone business, but as an attractive add-on you can offer your customer's and guarantee to keep them around a little longer. The Amber Cellphone Charging Stations is also connected with its own App which conveniently tells you where the nearest place to charge up your cell phone is located, if you still have enough power left of course.

The inventor behind the Amber Charging Stations is Bill Suey, who made the final cut for the 2 Hour Special of Shark Tank Season 6 on Sept. 26, 2014. Each charging station can charge up to 7 cell phone's at a time, and all have their own self-locking compartment to keep them safe and secure.

With the long lasting battery life on most smart phone's, the need to physically go to a charging station is never a problem most of the time. But (and that's a big but) when you forget to charge your phone because it does last so long, no doubt most people will go way out of their way to visit the nearest establishment where they can easily re-charge their cellphones.

Amber Cell Phone Charging Station before the Shark Tank Update